Nastaran Fatemi

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1401 Yverdon-les-Bains
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+41 24 557 75 90


I am currently Professor at HEIG-VD, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland in Yverdon since 2003. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from EPFL (2003), and a Master in Computer Science from Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble-France (1998). I have conducted several research projects and industry contracts in the field of Information Retrieval and Data Mining. I am a member of the Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA) group at the ICT Institute of HEIG-VD, whose main mission is the development of applied research projects on massive data analysis using machine learning and distributed computing.
I teach a number of courses in the Bachelor and the Master program of the HES-SO, such as, Compiler Construction, Databases and Information Systems, Programming in SCALA, Information Retrieval Techniques, Data Management, Web Mining, and Big Data Analytics.In the past, I participated actively as a member of MPEG-7 standardization committee. 
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Teaching the following courses:
  • Relational Databases (Bachelor)
  • Compiler Construction (Bachelor)
  • Programming in SCALA (Bachelor)
  • Information Retrieval (Bachelor)
  • Big Data Analytics (Master) 
  • Data Management (Master) 
  • Web Mining (Master) 


Active in "Information retrieval" and "Data Analysis", I am curently involved in projects on:
Analysis of Large Volums of Data
  • CrowdStreams
  • Ef-NDD
  • RT-DLP
Sematic Data Analysis 
  • Thesauro
  • ClusterSITG 
Applications related to Arts and Cultural Heritage 
  • Livre Artist
  • Mobilwalk
  • NotreHistoire
  • ClusterSITG
  • Thesauro
  • Walking The Edit
In the past, I have been working on audiovisual retrieval for cultural heritage applications
  • User oriented video querying and browsing
  • Audiovisual description standards
  • MPEG-7 querying
  • Video annotation systems